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 About me

Photography has always been a big part of my life. Born in Cardiff, I've been taking photo's around Wales and on my travels since I was a youngster. There were always cameras around and by the time I was 12 years old I was developing black and white film at home with my father, loving the sheer novelty of the process itself. At the time (mid 1970's) home processing black and white was a bit cheaper than colour prints and transparencies, more so for me than for others perhaps, as I had an Aunt who would keep me supplied with slightly out of date papers, film and chemicals from her work in the research labs at the BP plant in Barry, Glamorgan. Some of my earliest images, as well as some of my family archive going back to the 1920's can be seen HERE


I gave up the idea of becoming a full time, professional photographer sometime in my twenties. Back then, it seemed to me that it was becoming increasingly difficult to make a living with photographs. It was before the days of the Internet, I lived out in the remote hills, and I had children to feed! But I never stopped taking photos and I struggled to maintain a darkroom for some time. The corner of an old barn I'd attempted to convert was far from ideal. It was difficult to heat, very dusty with a water supply, from an old well, that could be somewhat unreliable and often dirty. With the advent of digital cameras, I found a new enthusiasm, and although I have never made the transition to being fully professional, I'd like to think that I've at least become a fairly accomplished amateur!

 I work at The National Library of Wales, with the Photographic Collection, but I'm easily persuaded to take time away to do the odd bit of paid work (especially the interesting and unusual!) it helps pay for nice kit, and my rates are extremely reasonable! You can email me at, find me on Facebook, keep up with my photostream on Flickr and I even write the occasional Blog.

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